5 FMCG companies who used AR to improve their ROI

FMCG products see a habitual purchase behaviour from the customers owing to fewer perceived POD and low involvement. The FMCG companies go leaps and bounds in their marketing strategy to create positioning in their customers’ minds. However, there are other ways to increase revenue and reach out to the consumers – Augmented Reality. 

Through AR, your company can increase process flows, enable experiential advertising, improve warehousing and the like. 


1. Nestle’s AR experiments in pandemic

Last year we saw the pandemic and the following lockdowns engulf the world. Nestle seized the opportunity and developed its remote support for its production and R&D. From Switzerland’s R&D unit, they have used Augmented Reality to remotely assist in installing new production lines and technologies in Thailand. They completed the project before the schedule.

Nestle has furthered the use of AR in remotely designing their KitKat’s confectionary mould from the UK, maintenance work in Colombia and Ecuador, and setting up a new pet food line in the US. The FMCG company is transforming operations through the digitisation of their supply chain activities.

2. Pepsi  and the bus stop

In 2014, Pepsi came up with an OOH advertisement at a bus stop in the UK using Augmented Reality. Pepsi installed AR screens at the side of the bus stop. The screens would show the natural background with some fantasy projections on the real world.

The commuters unaware of Pepsi’s intention were shocked to see a tiger running towards them or an alien invasion. But when they moved away from the station, they saw nothing. Upon going behind the screen, they were learnt about Pepsi’s Max brand.

There are many innovative ways to market your products, but with technology, the opportunities are limitless.

3. P&G’s Ariel campaign

The FMCG giant Proctor and Gamble wanted to use a new way to promote their brand Ariel and Pantene Pro V. 

They decided to use Augmented Reality and launched a game application. The users could score by popping Pro V capsules or collecting micro-boosters and upgrade through various game levels through games. Thus P&G ensured their customer engagement, brand positioning, and in turn, increase their conversion rate.

4. Unilever’s AR filter

When Unilever came out with their new Shower foam, they decided to something appealing and innovative. They built an AR filter where a showerhead appeared, and the screen filled up with foam when the user smiled. At the ends of the screening, the product would appear at the bottom left.

They also created another Facebook AR filter for their brands like Close-Up, Love Beauty and Planet, PONDS, St. Ives, AXE, Dove, Sunsilk, Rexona and TRESemmé. The users could scan the products using the filter, and a hidden brand message would show and a unique coupon code for online shopping. This activity ensured more incredible conversion and brand recall.

5. Mondelez’s AR-enabled Amazon exclusive Dairy Milk Silk


Cadbury Silk, Mondelez’s brand, got a new campaign this year. Cadbury created brought innovation in gifting experience by using Augmented Reality. They rolled out an AR-enabled gift box through the e-commerce giant Amazon. A person could order the limited edition boxset containing 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (250 gms) for someone, and the giftee could experience the gift virtually on their phones. They could also receive a personalised message through the app. 

Silk as a brand is positioned as something to be shared with your loved ones. They went further with their positioning using the AR technology.


So you have seen how these five companies are encashing on the Augmented Reality. There could be innumerable other possibilities where you could use the technology in your company and reach out to customers or increase your ROI.

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