We believe that every project existing in digital world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

About Us

Who We Are ?

We solve business problems with immersive technologies and are driven with the mission to hyper-accelerate its adoption. We exist to push the frontiers of innovation, bring life transforming products into this world and change the fundamental relationship of humans and information. Immersive Tech infused with cutting edge AI are our tools of choice.

about us

Founder Speaks

We at WOWSOME use Extended Reality to delight us, as well as advance us towards an evolved lifestyle.

The immersive technology industry has every variable one can think of to realise all of life"s dreams ! Infinite by themselves, WOWSOME together.

Vishal Reddy


Grand Vision

We are on a mission to create a new world - A world where communication knows no boundaries; A world where imagination and vision translates into abundance; A world that exists beyond the limitations of space and distance; A world where collaboration and sharing comes naturally; A world of joy and happiness.


Our Core Values


Professional integrity is the virtue we treasure and imbibe above all things.


Nothing but the best - A world changing mission requires nothing less than absolute commitment and unmatched standards of excellence.


Implementation and rollout of new network infrastructure,including consolidation.


"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much." - is a motto we swear by.


Our mission is to create a world where work and play exist together; where creation is fun; where gamification permeates everything.

Giving Back

We drive real social impact and create value for each strata of the society, through our immersive experiences, products and our education and upskilling initiatives.

Meet Our Team

Vishal Reddy

Founder, CEO

Anuraj EP


Athul Gosh

VP- Sales

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