Remote Compliance Audit | Pharma

WOWSOME's remote compliance audit solutions for the Pharma industry helps audits be held remotwly, saving cost, time and effort.

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Immersion Express Store

Welcome to the IMMERSION EXPRESS. Fill in your details, get prices, and proceed to buy your remote assistance kit in quick easy steps!

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Immersion Kit

The immersion kit is a combination of a headset with remote assistance software that equips your factory floor worker to solve on-floor problems quickly and conduct remote audits efficiently

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5 Applications of AR in FMCG

Below we see how these 5 well-known FMCG companies have used AR technology to grow in their respective sectors

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5 FMCG Companies using AR

5 FMCG companies who used AR to improve their ROI Home FMCG products see a habitual purchase behaviour from the customers owing to fewer perceived POD and low involvement. The…

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Augmented Reality solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

Augmented Reality solutions for Industrial Manufacturing LEAD DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN MANUFACTURING USING HANDS-FREE, ANDROID-BASED SMART GLASSES Accelerate the assembly of products from supplier to shipping, reducing inefficiencies and ramping up…

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Digitising Assembly Line Procedures – Dr. Reddy Laboratories

Learn how Dr Reddy’s Lab digitised their assembly line processes to enable remote assistance, reduce changeover time, and provide training using Augmented Reality.

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Rotary Club uses virtual reality to upgrade their conferencing experience

Rotary club uses virtual reality to upgrading their conferencing experience WOWSOME helped Rotary Club take their online conference a notch up using a completely immersive virtual conferencing platform, iOLive WHAT…

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Take your Real-Estate property right to your buyers

Take your Real-Estate property right to your buyers IMMERSIVE VISUALIZATION IN AUGMENTED REALITY USING REALISTIC 3D MODELS Showcase 3D property & decor options in any physical space https://wowso.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/MR-visualization-1.mp4 How immersive…

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