Rethinking Sustainability with AR

Rethinking Sustainability with AR

Augmented reality curbs the need for physical presence. Be it of prototypes, products or people. Owing to this, AR can be huge on being a sustainable practice and reducing carbon footprint. Find out how.

With the rising concern over a sustainable environment, the governmental regulations, activists and the need for business to make their processes sustainable are also on the rise. Irrespective of the industry they belong to, companies are trying to inculcate healthy practices in their operations like reducing their carbon emissions, using sustainable material, decreasing pollution among others. However, implementing sustainable practices comes with a cost. Adapting to a sustainable living is a challenge that every business leader faces today. Although there are no alternatives to some of the traditional practices that the companies have been following since age, Augmented Reality, or AR can help provide alternatives to some of them.

What is AR?

If you have seen Pokemon Go, or tried a glass on lenskart online, then you already know what AR is. Superimposing digital information to your surroundings is called Augmented Reality. There! Simple, right! Here’s how AR can help businesses build sustainable practices:

Engage customers with AR

Recently, Burger King removed all plastic toys from their Meals for kids as a forward step to sustainability. In such a scenario, marketers face a challenge in engaging their primary customers, the kids. Augmented reality can solve this problem by immersing live 3D models of these cartoon characters in the kids’ reality. Here’s how AR can help businesses build sustainable practices:

AR helps decrease pollution

Using AR, you can take live models of your products to anyplace, anytime. For example, the nationwide launch of a new car need not be initiated by transporting a physical car to each of the dealerships. Click a button, and the live model is there on your screen! The decreased transportation cuts back on the usage and cost of fuel, lessens pollution, and also comes in HANDy!

AR saves manufacturing waste

Using Augmented Reality to design prototypes helps save both, the material and the material cost. The ideation and iteration can be done with no material used. Using AR in factory floors to assist the workers brings down chances of human error to zero, thereby reducing the manufacturing waste.

AR reduces the need for a physical presence

Got an early meeting today? Reach your office in Mumbai at 9.00 in the morning after waking up at your home in Indore at 8.00! AR can connect people in real-time by superimposing their digital information in each other’s reality. This reduces the requirement of physical space, daily travel and the cost spent in heavy rents.

What Augmented Reality does is not limited to the above points. The scope can be as wide as your imagination. Proper implementation of these technologies is like a blessing in disguise. You can digitize your company processes, make them more efficient, productive & sustainable while also cutting down on cost!

If you want to know more about how AR can help your business in becoming sustainable, register with us for a free consultation. We will be happy to talk!

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