Chemical company levels up customer experience with Gamification

When the whole world was going through a deadly Covid-19 pandemic and a lockdown situation, a renowned chemical company faced the difficult challenge of reaching out to farmers.


“If the Farmer is rich, then so is the nation” – Thomas Jefferson.

This quote perfectly applies to the Indian scenario, whose population is growing by 15 million per year. To feed this rapidly growing population, Indian farmers need to get the most of their lands. However, to achieve this objective, there is a dire need to educate our farmers and provide them with the high-quality equipment required to produce and protect the crops in abundance.

The company is working to achieve this objective through its “Suraksha Hamesha” Initiative. They started this objective in 2016 in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Cooperation & Farmers to educate farmers about their chemical products (insecticides and pesticides) to safeguard agricultural produce.

More than 85000 farmers have been trained so far on how to use the company’s products safely and efficiently through this initiative. They also developed a personal protection gear, “Sanrakshan Kit,” to protect farmers from harmful side effects of using these insecticides and pesticides.


With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown situation, a new challenge emerged for the company. The challenge was how to reach Indian farmers amidst travel restrictions and teach them about their products in an engaging way.

Details of Products

The company manufactured four chemical solutions that will help Indian farmers protect their Apple produce from insects and diseases, especially Mildew and Scab disease, two of the significant fungus diseases affecting apple farming in India. These solutions were:

  1. Sercadius Plus will help farmers to protect their apple produce from Scab, a type of fungal disease.
  2. Merivon, this chemical solution protected apple produces from Mildrew fungal disease, which usually affects the crop in a dry climate.
  3. Another chemical solution manufactured by them was Cabrio Top which saved apple produce from Alternaria fungus, which causes leaf spots and other diseases on plants and fruits.
  4. Signum chemical products helped farmers keep the apple fresh and provided an excellent finish, making them ready to sell.


To achieve this objective, WOWSOME proposed a solution in the form of a web browser-based game. This fun and engaging gameplay would educate farmers about the company’s chemical products and build the brand image.

This gameplay was a 30 seconds game that was easily accessible to farmers on their mobile phones since it was the easiest way to reach them. Through this solution, Wowsome was able to bridge the gap between the company and Farmers during the lockdown and they could accomplish its objective.

Solution Details

Game Link

With the help of the company’s existing customer base, a link to the game was provided to those customers via WhatsApp and email. Moreover, this game was also available on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Thus, this solution helped them accomplish their mission and helped them build their brand image and acquire new customers.

Multiple Languages

Once the user clicks on the game link, they have to select a language from the default language “English”, and other languages “Hindi” or “Urdu”, to proceed with the game. 


Once the language is selected, users have to register for the game by filling out their basic details like name, mobile number, area (Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh), and Pin Code. 

Game Instructions

After successful registration, a 2D character explains the instructions of the game. These instructions appear on the screen and can also be heard via voice-over(optional). These instructions are followed by a start button.


A character of a farmer based on the location that the user has selected appears on the screen. This character is in an apple field bearing affected apples. Each apple tree has different coloured apples representing various diseases.

The character carries a coloured spray bag on his back and gets 30 seconds to spray on all apple trees. He can switch the coloured spray bag by selecting the correct colour when they approach an apple tree.

Each correct spray saves the apple tree and increases the score of the user.

Post-Game Experience

Once the game is over, the score dashboard appears on the screen. The user gets +10 for every correct match and -5 for every wrong match. A User can check his score and product descriptions in the score dashboard.

Users can also replay the game or share their results on social media platforms from here.


After considering the entire situation of pandemic and lockdown and the needs of the ultimate customers in mind (both farmers and the company), WOWSOME built a new solution- a web browser-based game for them. The game takes the user to an apple field where users can play and learn about different chemical products of the company and their usage and benefits.

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