How Brands Successfully Marketed during Lockdown?

See how some brands aced their advertising & marketing during the lockdown, drove meaningful digital engagements and ensured business success.

The Coronavirus has disrupted life and business as we knew, pushing us into new ways of thinking, living and doing our work. The times are such that we cannot meet or gather in numbers without compromising our safety or of those around us. People are finding new ways to keep themselves engaged, employed and entertained, while businesses are experimenting with new ways of collaborating, meeting targets and getting things done remotely to ensure business continuity and growth.

Technology at times looks like a vaccine to our current problems being at the centre of many reforms that are enabling work, movement of goods and services and learning. Numerous apps flooding the digital market are making it easier to communicate, engage and collaborate over a distance. Following suit, in the past few months, we have aggressively used our technological solutions to work with brands to ensure that lockdown doesn’t stop their business on its tracks and that they can drive meaningful brand engagement, continue regular sales and ensure brand loyalty while following all the safety regulations.

Our deep and diverse experience of working with immersive technology enabled us in proposing brand marketing solutions that drive meaningful engagements, along with learning and entertainment, for our clients and their customers. With recent advances, immersive tech like AR and VR have become very easily accessible – both in terms of the time required to create them and the ease with which they can be shared over the internet.

During this lockdown, we worked with world-renowned Agri Science brands that are constantly working to come-up with new agricultural innovations and create products that help farmers protect their crop and get a high-yield in a sustainable manner. These brands target farmers across several states and districts in India. As these AgriScience companies work on continuous scientific innovation our campaigns focused on educating the farmers on the safe application and the resulting benefits of using new and advanced agro-chemicals. We decided to educate the farmers while they had fun. For this we used gamification principles that rewarded the players for learning something new and completing a task. The incentive of cash rewards and coupons, along with the dopamine release of seeing your performance in a nation-wide leaderboard, helped our digital campaigns gather huge traction.

Seeing the high influx of users on social media platforms, we also worked with digital marketing agencies. We worked with Dubai-based LPS to create AR photo filters using Facebook’s Spark AR platform. These filters have an average engagement time of 75 seconds– four times that of video and are by their nature a shareable form of content, making your followers your brand ambassadors.

As things around us change rapidly, adaptability becomes an essential and prized asset. Not just for marketing and advertising, businesses that shied away from switching to digital are now promoting year-round work from home policies for their employees and remote servicing capabilities for their customers. Brands that relied on BTL activations and in-person demos are now reaching to customers right in their homes with the latest immersive technology- giving them a realistic product and buying experience.

Embracing change doesn’t mean defeat, it is in a way a victory over circumstances and a sign of being fit for survival in the coming future. Riding the wave of digital transformation, using technology efficiently can not only help us overcome the COVID crisis but also prepare our businesses to remain relevant, competitive and excel in the time to come.

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