How We Ran a ‘Successful’ Experiential Marketing Campaign for Royal Challengers Bangalore during IPL 2018 [Case Study]

How do you make sure that your voice is heard, and your vision stands out amongst the rest? Look at our experiential marketing campaign for some tips to deliver a WOWSOME marketing campaign.

This was when Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 just got over and our lives were back to being normal. There was so much buzz going around, so many people cheering for their favourite teams, cheer leaders dancing to the beats of team anthems, players all pumped up, so much synergy basically so much of everything, phew!

Now among so many voices, how do you make sure that your voice is heard, and your vision stands out amongst the rest. People use all kinds of gimmicks some work, some don’t and some shock us so much so that we are surprised that they work?

But the ones that stay with us, are experiences that are unique in nature, something that we have not experienced before. Experiential marketing enables the audience with a sense of drama, and the opportunity to be an active participant, which certainly adds more value to the experience in totality.

Now we don’t wish to blow our own trumpet, but we did manage to run a successful experiential marketing campaign for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) this IPL season 2018. It is absolutely right for you to question who are we to judge our own success, what we mean by success, who sets these parameters etc ?

Well of course, success is a subjective term but a dream without a plan is just a wish, right? Of course, we wished and hoped that this experiential marketing campaign would turn out to be a success. Instead of focusing on the end goal we focused on the process but to do that we needed to listen to the client first.

Yes, listening is more essential and useful than we may think. The client wanted to fill two gaps in the market, one of space and other of time. How does one use the empty space in the stadium and grab the attention of people at the stadium before and after the game? They had two parameters one, they wanted to capture the space that was available outside the stadium and secondly, capture the time before and in between the match.

Our creative production team was given the task and within a few hours, they developed an interactive experiential marketing campaign tailor made for RCB, IPL 2018.

“So, whenever my dad’s favorite batsman would be in a position to run between the wickets, he would scream out of encouragement. Sometimes they would run, most times not. I have seen the above syndrome to be common amongst most fans. Hence, I thought, let’s just make a game where batsmen listen only and only to the audience. We have the technology and a very fine graphic team. They made the idea a reality.” 

Prammod Sanghi, Creative Production Head at WOWSOME.

The idea was simple, give the fans firsthand experience of being a part of their team, so much so that their performance is directly proportional to the performance of the players and their team. The mixed reality game at our interactive kiosk was built on the same rationale of fans cheering for their batman’s in the hope that it will elevate and improve their performance.

Psychologically speaking, I am not sure, whether it distracts the players on the ground or enhances their performance, but we were thinking from the perspective of the fans as a brand building and brand engagement exercise, for this time at least.

With our social media promotions and strategic placement of the booth, within a few hours of setting up at Chinnaswami Stadium Bangalore, we had fans visiting the booth, playing the game and leaving with big smiles and racing heart beats ready to cheer for their favourite team on the ground!

The interactive kiosk was set up for 7 days and the activation happened once before the game and after the first innings. We had almost 80 participants during every activation which roughly comes down to almost 700 people were engaged with us during this activation. The game that we created was so immersive that, we are pretty sure, at least 500 of them took memories with them.

We can show a teaser of how it feels to be a satisfied RCB fan, check out the enthusiasm for yourself.

All in all, we were satisfied with our performance, the fans were satisfied with their performance, and RCB was happy with the marketing solutions that we provided them with. We were able to hold the space and use time efficiently. Although, there were no set targets for us this time, as this was more of trial and brand engagement, we are most certain that we will be able to give our best.

All’s well that ends well, we not only solved the marketer’s problems using augmented reality as a marketing solution, additionally, we presented the world with Augmented Reality marketing solutions that can be implemented in their business models. If you are also facing similar issues and would like to solve your problem using augmented reality and create solutions that are interactive, immersive and unique in nature, well then give us a shout out @ ask@wowso.me  or visit www.wowso.me and we’ll be there to help you solve your problems.

Till then, long live technology and cricket of course! 

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