Sales Solutions Powered by Augmented Reality

Nobody likes to be sold but everyone loves stories. With the power of augmented reality, immersive product storytelling is the future of sales.

Traditional sales process involving product demos are often inefficient due to several reasons:

Inability to make prospects understand product features in a short time
Limitations of showing full-size products & configurations while onsite
High costs of transporting real product prototypes for demos

WOWSOME Sales Solutions help you:

Interactive storytelling
Showcase all models and configurations while onsite without the need for a physical prototype
Better engagement
Demonstrate the size & positioning of the product to your clients in their environment
Web-based analytics
Give interactive product demos powered by Augmented Reality
Realistic product experience
Showcase life-sized product models on the prospect’s site using a smartphone
Emotional connection
Turn your traditional print catalogues to interactive 3D catalogues
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Track and measure engagements while integrating them with your CRM

PhotoReal Product Catalogue

A Virtual Catalogue with 3D Product Viewing Without Physical Object


Interact and learn about the product through complete visualization


Visualize the product in a live environment using your smartphone


Part-by-part detailing and heavy-machinery visualization

Interactive Product Narrative

Tell Your Product Story in an Interactive & Engaging Way


Live engagement with life-size or built-to-scale
product models


Visualize complex design of the product


Easy access to detailed features and part specifications

With our suite of Mixed Reality Sales Solutions, you:

Get instant client attention & engagement with your product
Help your clients clearly understand the product & take decision faster
Achieve higher efficiency in your sales process

Our Work

We craft immersive and innovative experiences powered by Mixed Reality across industries and business areas. With over 1600 campaigns and counting, we have delivered the largest number of mixed reality solutions so far in different segments.

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