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Changes in consumer behaviour​

The digital shift in the way people buy cars, bikes, and other vehicles has brought the biggest impact on automotive sales. According to Think with Google, 95% per cent of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. In fact, twice as many start their research online versus at a dealer. The automotive marketing & sales need to step up their game to keep up with the smart consumer.

Disconnect between digital & dealerships​

Despite multiple-touch points in the customer journey- search, social media, advertisements, commercials- automotive sales still predominantly happen inside showrooms. The experience, however, remains inconsistent & often unsatisfactory due to fundamental disconnect in visualization of digital information and physical experience of products.


Lack of seamless after-sales service & maintenance

Maintenance and service experience comes only second to the sales experience in the dealership in terms of influencing brand loyalty. According to data from Think With Google, 40% of auto service buyers need reactive maintenance instead of routine maintenance. With many brands still using conventional and complicated service manuals, there is a lack of fast, seamless access to self-troubleshooting and maintenance issues.


The rise of immersive technology, particularly the ongoing mass adoption of augmented reality through smartphones has the potential to transform the consumer experience in the auto industry.

WOWSOME Immersive Solutions

WOWSOME Suite of Immersive Solutions for the auto industry is geared towards revolutionizing the user experience across all touchpoints through innovative applications of augmented reality.


Creating a Memorable Pre-Purchase Experience​

For a majority of people, owning a vehicle is an emotional moment and they spend a lot of time in research and finding the best match. Today they have multiple information channels available for this research in the form of search, social media, YouTube, etc. In fact, when it comes to cars, consumers spend more time on online research than any other product. It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of new car buyers will be millennials of which 88% use the internet to research car purchase.

As an automotive brand, it becomes extremely crucial that you offer a memorable experience at the time of research that builds an instant emotional connection with the vehicle.


Immersive Vehicle Visualization

Our interactive product visualization tool completely transforms the pre-buying experience with a single click from any marketing touchpoint.

The visualization is hardware-independent and can be triggered by multiple-touch points across the customer journey on smartphones, tablets either through a web-URL or an app.

With realistic visualization of the vehicle in their own-driveway and familiarity with all features from their home, the friction between clicks and bricks is minimized and consumers can make up their mind quickly to visit the dealership or place the order without a visit.


Transforming the Auto Dealerships

The user experience at the auto dealership is heavily dependant on the effectiveness of sales executives. Moreover, due to high inventory costs and logistic constraints, showrooms cannot afford to have all models and different configurations of a vehicle for display.

Interactive Automobile Narrative by WOWSOME solves this challenge through smart real-time visualizations of unlimited configurations on a single vehicle.

An interactive experience at the dealership offers a number of benefits that directly impact visitors, lead to a higher number of sales, and increase the efficiency of sales executives.


Less decision-making time
Immersive In-Store Brand Experience
Sales Automation & Tracking
With marketing and in-store engagement data analytics integrated into the central database, the dealership can also effectively target their customers through timely reminders of maintenance and service.


Enhancing the service and maintenance experience

The customer experience in the automotive industry does not end with sales. In fact, given the declining number of new automobile sales in the past few years, service and maintenance experience plays a huge role in building and maintaining brand loyalty. At present, the use of long and complex technical manuals to know the vehicle and troubleshooting common issues is limited to only automobile enthusiasts.

With Automotive AR Manual & Service solutions by WOWSOME, you can empower your customers with a branded app through which they can simply scan different parts, learn more about their vehicle, and access technical guidance for maintenance.

Traditional sales process involving product demos are often inefficient due to several reasons:

Educate customers on technical features & common maintenance issues


Instant information on service centres
Build an emotional bond with the vehicle
Enhanced long-term brand loyalty

Augmented reality effectively bridges the divide between the digital and real worlds and enhance the customer experience across multiple touchpoints. Our team closely works with you to understand your specific requirements and identify areas where our solutions can make an impact on your brand and business. Accordingly, we develop customized automotive brand solutions using immersive technology.

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