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Banking in 2021

Banking in 2021


Banking in the 21st century is no longer limited to just money transactions. Today, customers expect a superior and seamless banking experience aided by technology. With the emergence of multiple fin-tech startups and leading tech companies entering the world of banking and finance, the pressure on traditional banks to transform banking experience is on an all-time high.

Key Trends affecting Banking in 2021

Rise of Millennials

Rise of Millennials

One of the leading causes of this paradigm shift in expectations from banking is the rise of millennial banking. For example, in India, millennials form 47% of the working force and prefer to engage with banking very differently than previous generations. Banks need to alter their approach and strive towards offering a fast and simplified customer experience with minimum fuss to engage with this digitally savvy generation of banking users.

Challenges in Transformation

Challenges in Transformation

Transformation of banking is easier said than done. Multiple stakeholders, regulatory hurdles, siloed structures are a few factors that make it challenging to adopt new technology on a big scale in the banking sector. This inability to respond faster to technological innovations means that traditional banks lag far behind new-age startups and tech behemoths like Google or Apple when it comes to offering superior customer experience through technology.
The Emergence of Augmented Reality

The Emergence of Augmented Reality

The emergence and the growing potential of Immersive Technologies like Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality offer a golden opportunity to banks to transform the customer experience without facing complex hurdles. This is due to the explosive growth of mobile AR solutions that don't require any additional hardware to experience immersive technology.

In 2018 alone, the number of Android devices with AR capability rose to 250 million from 100 million whereas 380 million iPhones got equipped with AR tech in the same period. AR integration with millions of smartphones is set to further grow exponentially in 2019. Furthermore, the massive popularity and worldwide success of Pokémon Go, Snapchat filters, & Ikea AR app have already made consumers familiar and eager to engage with similar interactive experiences through their smartphones.
Transforming Banking with Immersive Technology

Transforming Banking with Immersive Technology

WOWSOME Suite of Mobile AR & Immersive Banking solutions aim to solve the most pressing issues in customer experience prevalent in traditional retail banking today. Our solutions fit into your current workflow and can be integrated with various mediums without any need of extra hardware.

Credit and debit cards as gateways to digital immersive experiences

Credit and debit cards as gateways to digital immersive experiences

Power your existing physical cards with augmented reality to offer value-added information through a simple scan with a smartphone

Unlock special offers and reward points available on the card

Find nearest restaurants, retail stores, ATMs, and other geo-targeted offers

Instant account summary and interactive visualization of bank statements

Location-based immersive banking experience powered by geo-AR

Imagine your customer in a new city or an unfamiliar area looking to find services connected to their banking account. All they need to do is to pick their smartphone and scan the area for overlaid AR content in their surroundings

Virtual shopping windows outside the physical stores

Instant information on retail offers available at the location                                   

Directions to nearest branch and ATMs overlaid on the live camera feed

Improved branch experience of customers through insights from vision data

Offer customized experience to people based on data on existing or new customers

Measure the overall branch and ATM experience through emotion tracking

State-of-the-art Banking Experience With Vision Data Insights

State-of-the-art Banking Experience With Vision Data Insights

Track customer behavior and emotions at physical touchpoints like ATMs and bank branches with the help of face-recognition and artificial intelligence technology

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Immersive Engagements

Promote your banking offers and services through interactive experiences on different mediums

Deliver digital content with data visualization on your print collaterals like direct mailers, statements, brochures, etc

Experiential BTL activations that educate & entertain your target audience                                                            

Integrate your offline and online marketing through data from all touchpoints                                                      

Why WOWSOME Banking Solutions

Quick Adoption
WOWSOME solutions eliminate the usual bottlenecks involved in the adoption and implementation of new technology on a large scale and evolve rapidly with the ongoing innovations
No Additional Equipment Needed

Unlike most sophisticated mixed reality solutions that need an expensive headset at present, our solutions make use of smartphones which are already ready to support AR content

Seamless Integration

Our mobile AR solutions can be integrated with your existing banking app easily to make your transition to immersive technology seamless

Agile Approach

We follow an extremely agile process to innovate and provide customized solutions that are ready to be deployed as fast as possible

With our interactive banking solutions, you gain a number of benefits and pave way for technological innovation in your bank

Offer a unique & innovative banking experience

Improve customer experience & satisfaction

Incorporate new technology in a hassle-free manner

Establish yourself as a thought-leader and pioneer

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