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Entertainment and media industry is no longer about passive consumption of content by your audience. The modern audience demands a unique, fun, and interactive experience that makes them feel connected and a part of your movie, TV show, or web series.

Gone are the days when promotional campaigns were limited to printed posters, teasers, and trailers. Your audience is present on multiple channels and interacts with your final product at various touchpoints.

WOWSOME Immersive solutions help you deliver a memorable experience to your audience across channels at every stage while helping you monitor and optimize user engagement through integrated data management and analysis.

Easy, Effortless Deployment

Our ready-to-use solutions are quickly personalized with a narrative for your target audience to build the right emotional connection and increase engagement on all mediums including TV, Web, Newspapers, and Apps.

Interactive Posters & Merchandise


Turn traditional posters into a fun, interactive experience


Power your newspaper and magazine posters with digital immersive technology


Interactive merchandise that can invite users to interact with your characters

Immersive BTL Activations in Malls and Multiplexes


Engage fans in malls and theatres before the release


Let people be a part of your trailers, locations, and star cast


Allow fans to interact with celebrities through mixed reality booths

Extended Medium for Interactions in Physical Spaces


Power your streaming and broadcasting with augmented reality technology


Transport characters & locations in the home environment of users


Offer seamless interactive experience across TV, App, & web mediums

Mixed Reality For Television Broadcasting


Revolutionary new immersive medium to enhance the television experience


Bring characters and live content in the physical surroundings of the TV Viewers


Deliver additional interactive content that breaks the linear TV consumption

Our mixed reality solutions leverage your current mediums, maximize the impact of every message striking the right emotional connection with your audience, and offer 360-degree data integration & monitoring across channels.

Build the hype around your release through augmented and mixed reality technology

Catch the attention of people through unique interactive campaigns across channels and build a pre-release hype that can pull viewers at the time of release.

Cross-channel Integration Across offline and online mediums

Your target group could be a teenager present only on digital media platforms or a housewife interested in TV shows. Our solutions cater to different mediums and can bring them together to offer a consistent experience.

Effortless Generation of User-Generated Content from on-ground Promotions

Complement your digital initiatives with organic user-generated content from offline promotional activities. Our immersive kiosk solutions automatically enable users to capture themselves & share it on social media.

Optimize ROI Through Advanced Data Monitoring

Keep a close eye on the performance of your campaigns and track the ROI across all mediums through smart dashboards. You can optimize your investments and modify the activities based on what is working.

The minimum barrier of interaction

Our solutions need no extra headset or device for the experience to take place. We develop effective mobile solutions that can be delivered through smartphones and live screens in case of offline activations in malls or multiplex.

Scalable and Agile Solutions

Your campaign might be an exclusive poster release or a multi-city promotional campaign in multiplexes. All our immersive solutions are scalable and can be ready to go live within 48 hours depending on the complexity of the project.


Our Work

WOWSOME is the leading mixed reality solutions provider across industries and business areas. We have worked with Fortune 500 brands and reputed firms like Citigroup, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom to create immersive experiences. Take a look at our most successful projects.

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