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The Ever-evolving Event Industry

The Ever-evolving Event Industry

The event industry is one of the most dynamic segments which is constantly evolving and carries ample scope of creativity and experimentation. Add the element of technology and the success of your event is only limited by the height of your imagination.

Challenges in the Event Industry

Challenges in the Event Industry

Organizing and executing a memorable brand event can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Aside from ensuring a seamless flow of operations during the event cycle, the biggest challenge is to create a unique, personalized experience for your attendees which entertains, educates, and connects them with your brand or event theme.


Interactive Information Display

Interactive Information Display

Turn walls into a map of event layouts and highlights

Easy and open access to every detail about the event

Dynamic immersive information that changes with the time of the day

Digital display and content triggered by visitor movement
Immersive Kiosk Experience

Immersive Kiosk Experience

Smart kiosks to match visitor interest to respective sessions

Mixed reality environment at exhibitor booths

Gamified brand or product experience to increase the recall value

Instant generation of branded content featuring participants
Automated Feedback Collection Kiosk

Automated Feedback Collection Kiosk

Digital display connected with the camera on the exit point

Easily record video testimonials from attendees

Automatic library to store and share video feedback on social media

Self-service kiosk without any need of manpower
Smart Crowd Management

Smart Crowd Management

Track location of visitors at the event through smart location tag

Live crowd analytics and segmentation at different locations in the event

Plan & optimize upcoming sessions in real-time based on crowd behaviour

Analyze the performance of individual sessions based on visitor attendance
Online Analytics and Database

Online Analytics and Database

Each step of workflow connected to a centralized database

Collect and analyze visitor behaviour and engagement at various touchpoints

Check out crowd analytics in real-time throughout the day

Smart dashboard to give you a complete picture of during and post-event
Simplified automated check-in process

Simplified automated check-in process

Automate check-in triggered by photo capture

Gamified entry process centred around the event theme

Easily capture and track contact information

Instant social media check-in and sharing feature
Branded mobile app powered by Augmented Reality

Branded mobile app powered by Augmented Reality

Constant companion to the visitor after check-in

Paperless access to event details

Enabled with WOWSOME Interactive Print

Unlock digital content on printed brand collaterals

We make sure that your event targets relevant stakeholders and help them achieve their individual goals of attending your event.

Connect sponsors and exhibitors with customers through interactive experiences
Shake off visitor inhibitions for better networking

Allow buyers to experience products on display in real-time through mixed reality
Boost the energy of attendees through gamified kiosks

WOWSOME Immersive Event Technology helps you drive the desired user behavior by amplifying your brand message through multi-sensory, human-oriented experiences for your attendees.

WOWSOME Event Marketing Solutions

WOWSOME Event Marketing Solutions

Events and experiences have evolved from generating brand awareness to playing a powerful role in shaping the perception of consumers and directly impacting sales.

Data Time

Data Time

According to Event Track survey of consumers and brands, after event participation


85% of consumers are likely to purchase


90% have more positive feelings about the brand

WOWSOME offers customized solutions to help brands gain more from their event and experiential marketing to engage customers.

Generate on-spot leads and sales from event marketing


Improved data capture and measurement of engagement
Leverage user-generated content from events for social media
Complete integration with the overall marketing campaign

Our Work

➜ We are an industry leader in creating Mixed Reality marketing solutions. We have delivered 1,400+ marketing campaigns, the highest for any Mixed Reality company in the world.

➜ We empower Fortune 500 brands and Billion dollar companies like Citigroup, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom to create great marketing experiences for their audience.

➜ We have helped over 30 brands reach and impact 7 Million plus audience, and engage 40,000+- across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 marketing campaigns.

➜ Our mixed reality integrated marketing helps Brands reach their audience across radio, television, Mobile, Internet, Print, exhibits, Retail and Outdoor channels.

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