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The Evolution
How it was?

The Evolution

Retail in the 21st century has evolved from brick-and-mortar shopping to a multi-channel process where consumers interact with your brand at multiple touch-points apart from physical stores. The explosion of online shopping has disrupted the traditional retail model that was limited to just buying and selling products in stores.

Our Solution
Omni-Channel Shopping

Our Solution

The modern smart consumer doesn't want merely a product but an overall brand experience across all channels. Today, retail brands need an integrated omnichannel strategy and innovative solutions that offer a consistent experience to the end-consumer across all touch-points, be it online or offline.

Welcome to the Era of Experiential and Omnichannel Retail

WOWSOME Suite of Immersive Retail solutions aims to captivate your target group and keep them engaged with your brand at all points. This includes first impressions during marketing, seamless experience at the point-of-sale and an unforgettable post-purchase experience that turns them into evangelists.

Our solutions offer unique experiences to your consumers at every stage of their buying journey with deep integration across all channels, including websites, BTL activations, print, social media, and brick-and-mortar.

In-Store Experience

Post Buying Experience

Discovery and Research

The shifting technological landscape and rise of online shopping mediums have ensured that the modern consumer interacts with your brand multiple times before and after purchase.

Website / Social Media / Print

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Discovery and Research

Discovery and Research

Our mixed reality solutions can deliver uniquely immersive experiences on different mediums that help your consumer to know more about your products and brand in an interactive environment before buying.


Visualize products in the live environment through smartphones


Find information about the nearest stores based on location


Engage with the brand and product story prior to purchasing


Enhance engagement on print and digital advertisements


We help you deliver the best engaging product discovery experience to your consumers on multiple mediums

Create a memorable first impression irrespective of the medium


Enable faster education using Augmented Reality
Share your brand story and values through immersive storytelling
Drive people to your retail stores for a unique buying experience

In Store Experience

The In-Store Experience

The In-Store Experience

The brick-and-mortar retail experience still remains an extremely important part of the overall shopping experience. Whether it is single brand retail or multi-brand retail store, the key lies in how successful you are in creating an exceptional shopping experience for your consumers.


Through our expertise and continuous ongoing research in computer vision, augmented reality, mixed reality, and machine learning, our solutions can completely transform the in-store shopping experience and create the smart stores of the future.


Our retail solutions to transform the traditional brick-and-mortar stores focus on two core pillars of any retail store- store management and visual merchandising or the product displays :

Immersive Visual Merchandising

Immersive Visual Merchandising

Offer a fresh and futuristic retail environment that allows people to discover and interact with products in your store like never before


➜ Interactive kiosks that enable people to try out products in real-time

➜ Digitized terminals showcasing product features and information

➜ Virtual product trials through augmented reality

➜ Endless customization options without needing real product in store

Smart Visitor Personalization

Smart Visitor Personalization

Leverage vision data and analytics from other mediums to personalize the shopping experience inside stores


➜ Smart predictive merchandising based on past visits

➜ Face recognition capability to recommend products based on purchase history

➜ Real-time product customization and personalization options

Our retail display solutions and predictive technology are designed to optimize the shopper experience and create stores of the future.

Create an engrossing shopping experience


Measure the time spent at the store and store engagement at different points
Leverage vision data from previous touchpoints for a personalized experience
Understand your customers through smart user profiling

Post Buying Experience

Beyond Sale-Post Purchase Experience

Beyond Sale-Post Purchase Experience

The consumer experience does not end with the sale. To build an emotional connection, which is key to brand loyalty, your brand must stay engaged with the consumers and solve any problem they might have after buying the product.


WOWSOME solutions offer seamless ways to the consumer to interact with your product after buying.


  ➜ Interactive product setup & installation guide

  ➜ Immersive content on how to use products

  ➜ Easy access to customer support and service

Beyond Sale - Post Purchase

Beyond Sale - Post Purchase

Through our interactive retail solutions, your brand will go the extra mile that turns customers into fans and evangelists.

Continue engagement post retail store visit by bringing your brand into their surroundings through augmented reality

Minimize friction in access to customer service

Offer value-added services that maximize user experience

Enable users to share their product experience online

Centralized Data Monitoring & Analytics, Integrated across All Retail Channels

Centralized Data Monitoring & Analytics, Integrated across All Retail Channels

The key to omnichannel retail experience and optimizing the journey of a consumer is the accurate tracking and measurement of data across all touchpoints.


WOWSOME experiential retail solutions ensure that relevant engagement data at every touchpoint is recorded and integrated so you can get a comprehensive, overall picture of your retail customers with proper segmentation and analytics.

WOWSOME Suite of Immersive Retail Solutions helps you tackle the biggest challenges of the retail industry in the interconnected world of the 21st century.

Integration of all online and offline mediums across the customer journey
Create unforgettable shopping experiences at physical retail stores
Powerful data monitoring and live analytics to understand consumer behaviour
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