WOWSOME Interactive Bank Card- An AR Solution For Banking

WOWSOME Interactive card is your regular debit or credit card powered by Augmented Reality to make it interactive & empower your customers to do more with their cards in addition to withdrawing cash or doing payments.

The banking industry has traditionally struggled with coming to terms and keeping pace with technological innovations and breakthroughs. Call it the complicated regulatory hurdles or the inefficient organizational structure, banks have been slow to adapt to technology, unlike their customers who have embraced digital disruptions and emerging fin-tech services with open arms.

While modern banks have made some progress in terms of digital banking and offering better customer services, the fact is there is still a lot of scope in the improvement of customer experience. One aspect of that experience is fast access to information and updates about add-on services. Customers still find it difficult to access the right kind of information about additional services and utilize various offers and rewards your bank might be offering.

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This informational gap could be one of the most understated causes of frustrations and customer dissatisfaction with banking and finance services. Imagine your customers being bombarded with different banking messages on offers, loans, reward points but when they actually want to seek some information, they have to go through a complex and often less-than-satisfactory process of either online research or talking to a customer support executive for more details. Apart from a poor experience in general, it also leads to under-utilization of the full suite of services your bank might be offering.

To address this challenge of accessing right information at the right time and empowering your customers to uncover relevant financial information in a seamless way, WOWSOME has come up with Interactive Banking Card.

WOWSOME Interactive Bank Card

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WOWSOME Interactive card is your regular debit or credit card powered by Augmented Reality technology to make it interactive. The objective is to empower your customers to do more with their cards in addition to just withdrawing money or doing payments offline or online.

They can get information on the latest offers on their cards, financial statements in an interactive manner, find shopping outlets and restaurants giving discounts on the card reward points, nearest location of ATMs, access customer support, and much more. All they need to do is to scan the physical debit/credit card with their smartphone and access all relevant information from the card.

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Why WOWSOME Interactive Card

WOWSOME interactive card solves the major issue that your bank cardholders face today- lack of easy access to information about the card benefits that are available to them. More often than not, your bank partners with a number of premium outlets for giving exclusive offers to your customers.

But how do you communicate this valuable information to your customers at the right time? Emails, SMS, social media, print booklets? However, chances are customers ignore such messages at the time of receiving as they don’t need it so later they don’t have immediate access or remember them when they actually need and benefit from it.

With our interactive cards, you do not have to worry about customer insights on when they are likely to use reward points and sending out promotional information at the right time. Take for example a customer with your card going out on the weekend with their family or friends to a shopping mall. There are plenty of options in the mall in front of the customer to shop, watch movies, and to eat.

Your customers can pull out their interactive card anytime and scan it to gain access to all relevant information about the offers and reward points they can use at that location. With such personalized, contextual, and instant information, customers can smartly use their cards and avail several benefits.

Not only this increases the usage of banking card in general thereby resulting in a fruitful collaboration with your partners but also takes the customer experience to a higher level. In the age of instant payments and experiences offered by fin-tech startups, customers expect a lot from your bank. And this augmented reality powered interactive card can be the first step towards offering a high-tech, seamless experience to them without any major regulatory hurdles.

Apart from information on offers and reward points on a particular type of debit/credit card, you also offer contextualized and personalized financial information to people. For instance, on scanning their card, users can get their balance, spending history, customized loan or savings advice, and so on in an interactive fashion. Beyond information, offering educational content on personal finance through your banking card can be a game-changer both for your customer as well as the bank.

On top of it, you can also directly gain valuable insights into customer behaviour through card analytics and push more relevant and contextualized offers to specific customers. Through the card dashboard, you can keep a track of user actions with your card and aid your marketing and product team to make better decisions about the kind of partnerships and reward programs they might want to offer in future.

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How To Get WOWSOME Interactive Card

The biggest advantage of our interactive technology is you do not need to come up with new cards and can easily enable your existing cards with Augmented Reality. The simplest way is to add the AR capability in your existing bank app so that your existing customers won’t have to download an extra app on your phone.

Once you integrate it into your app, your existing app users can immediately start using the feature from the home screen. Depending on what level of personalization you want to offer and keeping in mind other security concerns, users can access relevant interactive content with or without logging into their account.

The simplicity and scalability of interactive bank cards make them ideal to disrupt your current customer experience. They can be easily plugged into your current customer workflow and make their lives easier. If you have some questions and concerns, do check out Frequently Asked Questions about Interactive bank cards. You can get in touch with us directly to have a more detailed conversation about it.

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